eBay Open Source Program

Repository Best Practices

To ensure that we adhere to general community expectations, there are some common requirements we have within eBay’s open source code.


You MUST to have a README file. It should cover what the project is, why someone might want to use it, and general instructions on how to use the thing. You may also want to include badges at the top, like your travis-ci build status, code coverage, etc.

The format of this file isn’t important, but we often use markdown.

Here’s a good guideline on what to include in your README.


You MUST have a LICENSE file. It should be the license that you have previously discussed with the open source / legal team, prior to open sourcing it.


You may want have a contributing.md file. It provides instructions to people who would like to contribute code. If you have one, you probably want to include:

  • How to get a development environment setup
  • How to run the tests
  • Any PR/commit formatting requirements

Here’s a great example of one.