eBay Open Source Program

Approval process


When considering a project for approval, the following factors are considered by the Committee:

  • Is the project likely to improve the OSS community’s technology? e.g., the code does not duplicate other existing OSS projects and offers some unique value to the community.
  • Is the project likely to improve eBay’s overall code quality and/or technology? e.g., eBay will use the project internally and will benefit from community contributions to the code.
  • Is the project likely to extend/build eBay’s partner/customer base? e.g., the project brings more partners/buyers/sellers to eBay’s platform in some way (SDK, app, platform extension)
  • Is the project likely to generate positive media for eBay?
  • Are there patents protecting this work? We can’t simultaneously say “we want to patent this so no one takes our good idea” and also “here’s this free code that you should definitely go use”.


When you’re ready submit a review ticket. This will add a few subtasks assigned to you. Among them, you’ll need to file a security review ticket (instructions provided in the ticket) as well as ensure your repository follows our best practices

We aim for timely feedback and will get back to you within 7 days (hopefully fewer!) of your subtasks being closed. Communication happens through JIRA, so be sure they’re not stuck in your spam folder. If you have associated timelines that you need to hit, please make those known. To be safe, we recommend making your request at least 30 days before you need it approved.


Once approved, we’ll create a repository for you in our GitHub organization, and provide you “maintain” rights.