eBay Open Source Program

Contributing to Open Source

There are three flavors of contribution that the OSPO is concerned with:

  • Releasing a brand new project
  • Substantively contributing to a non-eBay open source project
  • Minor, one-off bug fixes

For the third category of one-off bug fixes, we have an expedited approval process. If you (1) don’t plan to contribute in an ongoing way, (2) are doing something that is “insignificant”, and (3) it doesn’t require a CLA.. feel free to just directly submit the pull request.

eBay has specific steps you need to take if you want to contribute to an open source project at eBay: (1) Prepare Your Code, (2) Receive Approval, (3) Release, and (4) Maintain Your Code. Please review the following tips and steps when creating or contributing to a project.