eBay Open Source Program

Enabled by people. Powered by technology. Open to everyone.

eBay believes that collaboration with the open-source community makes for improved technology and drives innovation. Being a good community member reflects the core of what eBay does, and we encourage everyone to seek out, develop, and contribute good code.

This guide provides helpful information, up-to-date policies, technical requirements, and legal considerations surrounding the use of and contributions to open source software (OSS) at eBay. This also establishes the security ground rules which apply to eBay’s use of OSS.

What is open source?

If a software project is considered “open source,” that generally means that anyone is allowed to use, study, modify, and distribute that project for any purpose. Sometimes “open source” is associated with the word “free,” however, “free” in this context means that we are “free to use” the software, and not that all open source software is free of charge or does not come with some restrictions. In some cases, using open source means we are subject to a license, and that license may come with associated costs or restrictions.


If you have questions on this process, please reach out in the #ebay-opensource slack channel or try opensource@ebay.com.

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